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Terms & Conditions
  In order to ensure clarity and consistency Dansarena Studios Ltd have in place the following terms and conditions. By registering at Dansarena Studios Ltd you are agreeing to abide by the set terms and conditions.

Uniform: Boys and girls are required to wear the correct uniform for class, long hair should be tied back and jewellery should not be worn for the safety of all. Hair should be worn in a bun for Ballet classes. Uniforms can be purchased at Dancewear Universe - 01292 261458.

Class Etiquette: Mobile phones must be on silent during class.

Addressing Teachers: All teachers are addressed formally, e.g. Miss…

Collection: Parents are responsible for the drop off and collection of pupils to all classes. Dansarena staff members are not responsible for children leaving the building. Any children under 4 should have an adult in the building at all times

Snacks and Drinks: Snacks and drinks can be purchased from the coffee shop. All rubbish must be disposed of in the bin and not left in the studio or changing room.
Personal Property: All personal items of any value should be taken into the dance studio and not left in the changing rooms. Dansarena Studios Ltd will not accept liability for loss or damage to personal possessions.

Lost Property: Please have your name clearly marked on your uniform and shoes. Teachers will hand in any items to the front desk and always try to reunite pupils with named items, however all property is left at own risk. Any property unclaimed at the end of a term will be disposed of.

Pupil Progress: Please contact the office for information as teachers are unable to discuss progress during their teaching day or classes will run late.

Class Helpers: Their role is to assist the class teacher.

Terms: There are normally 5 teaching terms that operate throughout the teaching year at Dansarena Studios Ltd. Each term consists of 8 weeks.

Term Fees: Fees are issued in advance of the new term commencing. To qualify for the Early Bird and Sibling Discount, fees are required to be paid by the cut-off date listed on the fee form. Fees are non-refundable, no reimbursement or reduction for absence. Should you not take advantage of the early bird discount, all fees should be paid within the agreed dates. If fees are not paid within this time a £10 late payment charge will be added onto your bill.

Early Bird & Sibling Discount: The Early Bird & Sibling Discounts are provided as a gesture of goodwill. The Early Bird Discount only applies within the set period specified, after this date the discount will not be available. Dansarena staff are unable to apply the discount after the cut-off date.

The Sibling Discount applies to families with more than one pupil within the family attending Dansarena. The sibling discount applies as follows:

• First Child – No discount
• Second Sibling - 5% discount on the lowest fee due
• Third Sibling - 10% discount on the lowest fee due & 5% discount off the next lowest fee due.

Fees are required to be paid within the early bird period to take advantage of the sibling discount.

Payment: Payment of fees can be taken over the telephone or in person at the Dansarena Studios in Ayr. Cheques should be made payable to Dansarena
Studios Limited.

Notice: You are required to provide four weeks’ notice to cancel classes at Dansarena Studios Ltd. Should you fail to provide the relevant notice you will be charged for the full-term fees.

Termination of place: Dansarena Studios Ltd reserves the right to terminate a pupil’s place should they deem it necessary.

Complaints procedure: Please contact Wendy at the office for any matters of this nature. email@dansarena.com

Complaints will be dealt with quickly and professionally.

Anti-Bullying & Harassment: Pupils should treat each other with equal respect and with the same regard in which they would like to be treated. Any form of bullying or disrespect towards another pupil within the school will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly. Please contact the office for any matters of this nature which will be attended to promptly.

Dansarena Studios Ltd is committed to a policy of treating all employees, job applicants, clients, customers and suppliers equally. The Company has in place an Equal Opportunities & Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy.

Injury & Medical Information: It is essential that you keep us up to date with any injuries or medical conditions.

Exams: Are optional at Dansarena Studios Ltd however they do confirm progress and build confidence. Class teachers have the final decision on exam entries. Exams take place in March. Exam results can take up to 6 weeks to be issued from the examining body. Examining bodies are the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Institute of Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing (ISTD).

Disclosure Scotland: All Dansarena dance teachers have the appropriate disclosures in place.

Health & Safety: Dansarena Studios Ltd is committed to providing a safe environment for employees and pupils. The Health and Safety Law poster is displayed on the general notice board outside the main office at the Studio in Ayr. The main first aid box is located at the front reception desk in our Ayr studio. Class teachers for branch schools carry with them first aid kits that are maintained regularly.

The Fire evacuation procedure is displayed on the general notice board and includes fire assembly meeting points.

Sickness/First Aid/Medication: Should you be unable to attend class due to illness please contact the Studio by telephone or email to notify your teacher of your absence. Parents will be required to complete an annual emergency contact form detailing emergency contact name and number and consent for first aid to be administered.

Shows: Pupils are eligible to take part in dance shows however taking part is not compulsory and does not affect attendance at your weekly class. Further specific terms and conditions applying to each show including the additional rehearsal dates, costume hire, and show tickets are detailed in ‘Show Letters/Commitment Form’ which are issued before you agree to take part and should be read carefully, signed and returned.

Image Use: From time to time photographs and video images will be taken in class and at performances and then displayed on our website, social media or in printed advertising matter. All images will be the property of Dansarena Studios Ltd. If any parent does not wish images of their child used then please let us know by email or call to the Office.

Pupil Information: We aim to maintain accurate pupil contact details therefore parents should inform us of any change to their details as they occur, especially changes to mobile numbers. All information is handled in a confidential way in line with Data Protection Principles. Dansarena Studios Ltd is registered with the Information Commission Office (ICO).

COVID 19 Information:
• Thorough and regular washing of hands and forearms for at least 20 seconds with soap and water and/or use of hand sanitising gel/alcohol-based wipes. This should always be done before eating and drinking, and after coughing, sneezing or going to the toilet. When using alcohol-based hand sanitising gel you must let your hands dry fully before touching any surfaces.
• Please refrain from touching the nose, mouth or eyes and all pupils are frequently reminded of this.
• We encourage staff and pupils to wash or sanitise hands before and after travelling and in between classes.
• Drop off and pick up is limited to 1 adult per family.
- Masks must be worn within the building, pupils are welcome to wear them in class.
• Parents are to demonstrate social distancing at all time.
• On arrival at the studios, it is reasonable to ask if parents, children or any member of the household have any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature or a persistent cough). If the answer is yes, they should not be allowed to enter the building and we would request that they do not return until they have followed the recommended isolation guidelines.
• No toys, teddys or blankets (or similar) to be brought in from home.
• Everyone with no exception is required to sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the studios.
• Any child who has been told to shield or who is clinically vulnerable or live in a household with someone who has been advised to shield or is clinically vulnerable should not attend the studios.
• Only parents who are symptom free should drop off or collect their child.

Email Contact: Parents should supply an up to date email address that they check regularly. This will ensure you do not miss out on important information.
Thank you for reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact the office should you require further information or clarification on any of the above points. Please note by sending your child to class you are automatically agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Kerry Bolland

Kerry Bolland
Dansarena Studios Ltd
7 - 9 Fort Street
Tel : 01292 287967

Email :email@dansarena.com



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